Rockett NappingCute as a buttonNot Feeling Well But Still Adorable
Rockett Resting
So this is where things get VERY difficult. Rockett’s symptoms are continuing to decline and we are unable to pinpoint the actual cause of his pain. We are almost certain it is Lymphoma cancer which is very common for cats with Feline Leukemia but cannot be sure without an Ultrasound and other testing. 
 We are in over our heads with Vet bills and even getting an ultrasound right now is more than we can afford. We have already reached out Care Credit limit. 
If you can find it in your hearts to help we will be able to go for more testing and in return not only help prolong Rockett’s awesome life but we will send you a Rockett Calendar as a Thank You. 
As many of you have seen from his pictures, he really is the most adorable looking cat with a personality unlike any we have ever known. He has given me more laughs in the past year then I have had in the past 5. His best buddy dog-like characteristics have stolen my heart and has been more of a friend than many people. I don’t think any amount of mental or emotion preparation could make this any easier. I have had pets pass away before poor Rock is only 15 months. 
He has been in such great health that prior to two weeks ago multiple Vets couldn’t believe he had FeLV. With his young age and strong heart we hope and prayer he battles through victoriously.
The ultrasound was quoted at $400-500 but there are other costs involved which will add up to about $1000. If it is a tumor then surgery will cost an estimated $1500-3000.
Any help is greatly, GREATLY appreciated.
Thank you.
JJ, Care, and Rockett


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